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Bedded Down

Regarding the What is everything? In the below photo, starting closest,

  1. vegetable wash sink in cold prep (main trunk)
  2. floor drain in cold prep (main trunk)
  3. floor sink for dishwasher and cold prep / entrance hand washing sink (first branch left)
  4. sink for hot prep area (main trunk)
  5. floor sink for triple sink (second branch left)
  6. hand washing sink for hot prep (branch to right)
  7. hand washing sink in bakery (main trunk)
  8. floor drain in bakery (main trunk)
  9. hand washing sink in chocolate studio (main trunk)

Going west, towards the grease trap, the branch to the right is into the mechanical room which has a mop sink and floor drain. Then are floor drains for the walk in refrigerator and freezer, left and right respectively. Outside are cleanouts and then the grease trap itself.

The system holds air and pitches look good which is for sure excellent and next up is the inspection.