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The Last of the Demo

Apparently the old BTA Office which was also a hair salon came from the POA at some point. The roof trusses continue to serve out in the valley and the walls are interred at the dump.

Stripped down and ready to be put to pasture.
The end of the BTA office. Notice the flourishing milkweed by the toilet on the concrete pad. The seeds will be spread out around the BTA and give monarch butterflies something tasty on their travels.
The water shut off for the old BTA office was floored over.

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Going Up?

The clock tower is getting attention. The idea is to have stairs from the mezzanine up into the tower. From a yet to be built floor we’ll be able to see for miles.

Rafters still in place. Also notice the plywood in the clock tower which lines the inside.

In the below picture you can maybe make out that there are 2 floors in the clock tower. These no doubt provide torsional strength needed for these winds.

Once the rafters are supported, we’ll take out the LVL & mini wall just above the right side of the scaffolding and have a generous south facing window.

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Forest Green

Moses Troyer of Troyer’s Coating Systems at work waterproofing the roof and the result. Much more economical than anything else, it also is fast and with the scheduled recoat will never need to be replaced. The BTA is moving to copper roofs and the forest green is a nice complement. We bought enough of the product to cover the proposed additions containing the health center and expanded kitchen entrance and are looking forward to starting the build once we get a green light from the association.

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Nearly June Folks

The roof extension over the mezzanine is nearly framed and sheathed. That’s fantastic. No fantastic is our plumber fell though. We are meeting with another this Wednesday and remain hopeful. Here are some photos showing the progress.

Looking mostly west from the entrance doors.
The snow and rain made for a downpour inside.
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We continue to narrow down choices on what is going where. Next up is a meeting with the electric company to see just what is available. Current service is 200A, the transformer has 400A. EV chargers and 180 degree dishwashers amperage totals add up fast.

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The Kitchen Takes Shape

Neika is here!!!!! We are so happy our friend from totally back in the day is in town to share in the Sage’s makeover and add her marvelosity. Neika brings experience as an Executive Chef along with other superpowers including the ability to facilitate a project or process getting from here to there. She arrived on the evening of March 17 and we presented The Plan to Michael Bertin on March 21 at 2PM. We were back and forth, in and out, marking and moving all weekend. Total fun.

Neika showing maximum focus on The Plan. For the record, the printout is 1/4″ = 1′; notice the ruler.

And so with further ado and no gilding the lilly, check out the kitchen plan!! We had such a great time. In this masterpiece one can find the Chocolate Studio, Bakery, Coffee/Gelato/Soda Fountain, Bench seating in the old office, the to be build central table, stairs to the Mezzanine, Hot Food Prep, Cold Food Prep, Wash Room, Walk In Refrigerator & Freezer, Waldo, Mop Sink, 4 Hand Wash Sinks, a Vegetable Wash Station, Hot and Cold Pickup Locations, 4 Speed Racks, the Masonry Heater, Dry Storage (with the standalone refrigerators), and, at long last, where the Mechanical Room will be.

Inventory is well underway, appliances are being reviewed and given attention, and what is needed being itemized. We may have located a combi oven in Taos. Fingers crossed.

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Strong Bones

We are moving along. The photos below show the continuing work on the mezzanine. Yesterday materials arrived for the west side of the roof extension which is going to have a lower ceiling than the mezzanine.

These TJIs are to support the stack of OSB seen below them. A commercial floor must be rated to support 100 lbs./sq ft while residential has a 40 lb./sq ft requirement; these TJIs are thus 12″ on center. Polish those dancing shoes and let’s go!!
Another view of the mezzanine floor.
Looking up from the Tiki Bar. Apartment is on the other side of the wall supporting the ladder. The LVL is the floor/ceiling of the residential side, bathrooms and this space. The upper right corner has the last of the mezzanine TJIs.
Looking east at the same wall inside the apartment still supporting the same ladder.

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Rejuvenation and Exfoliation

The old doors and their frames formerly dividing the green room and main dining room are being restored and put back together as French doors. We’ll use the other pair most likely in the sauna facility. The white board currently serving as the threshold is temporary; the finished one is going to be installed last to keep it pristine and will be fabricated out of one of the oak boards. For reference, the far corner is the most southwest area of the building.
Notice that the oak used for the frame has been routered out. That was one thick board and surely qualifies as ye olde craftmanship.
Looking east. All the rafters not supporting exterior roof have been removed. The large beams on the south (right) middle side of the image are all coming out, likely to be reused in the sauna. Nearly the entire mezzanine floor can be built without taking functioning roof off. Notice the small stepdown into the garden room; the whole restaurant floor including the aforementioned French doors is being leveled off of the kitchen tile which is likely to end up as the only original once the project is completed.

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Coming and Going

Here are recent perspectives on the interior demo state. We are closing in on the end. One of the last areas is removing the rest of the old roof seen on the left in the lower of the two photos. At the moment the bare 2x are visible as the drywall and insulation have been taken out. The plywood path seen in the same photo on the floor covers the mostly filled trench containing the incoming air duct for the masonry heater which can be seen holding up one pair of the scaffolding wheels.

Looking east from the top of the spiral staircase.
Looking west standing between the inner doors.
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Getting Ready for The Pour

Making a stable spot for the masonry heater.
Looking east. Notice the walls dividing what was the office from the kitchen and dining room are gone. We aim to have one level floor based off of the kitchen, the only floor not changing. The plan is to have 2″ of rigid foam insulation and then a 4″ slab. Even with the bricks exhumed that’ll mean 4-5″ of dirt to be removed. The Green Room is fortunately lower though still needs a treatment.
Closeup of the 2″x15″ air intake. The firebox door will be right above it. The wood frame will be removed once the foundation has set.