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Glad That Is Over

The time to replace building sewer has come; most of the floor sinks & floor drains don’t actually drain. I had never used a roadway walk behind saw before. Hopefully never again! The sonic force is nuts. Payment is by day plus millimeter of blade use. Thankfully the cuts were do-able in a day, and as no one wrote down the blade diameter there was no extra charge for any excessive use which may or may not have actually taken place. As far as I am concerned this tool can stay at the rental shop henceforth. The bathrooms are luckily too small for such a saw. The rental place has a handheld model which can’t be set down while running. Bent over indoors holding a gas motor spinning a disk which can cut through seemingly anything? At the moment I choose the tranquility of a jack hammer.

2 thoughts on “Glad That Is Over

  1. any idea re. opening?

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      That question is on our minds as well! We are looking at mid June being a seemingly realistic possibility. The gap is finances for supplies. We are hoping people will go for the 110% return in Sage food offer. We have our first engraved brick recipient which of course is spectacular. To open with a fully operational kitchen and bar in June can happen if enough folks sign up for the win-win 110% offer.

      Best, Paul

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