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Prefer Clean?

The Sage came with several top-quality appliances. One of them is the Rancilio MD80 Coffee Grinder. This grinder can pump out 7 lbs. of coffee per hour! It took longer than that to clean it let me tell you. Thankfully I found a video showing the process. It is anybody’s guess how old the scraped off goop truly was.

It is exciting making the equipment pristine once again. This grinder is the first appliance to be made shiny and not the least filthy of the bunch by far.

Like having food and drink prepared with clean equipment? We are working hard to make it happen. Please consider donating to support the re-invention of the Sage so progress doesn’t stop.

The finished product. I used the vodka in the upper right of the image to help detach the crud; also notice some of the tools needed for the operation to the left of the unit.