The journey to the assumption of stewardship was certainly circuitous and full of surprises.

For Paul’s restaurant experience we have to go back to freshman year in Santa Barbara as a fry cook. We had a closet for the uber smelly surf boards and wet suits, and that is where my fry clothes went. It wasn’t a sent to wear out on the town. Yes that is it.

Mary’s CV does have more, though again we have to go pretty far back in time to working at The Cog Railway on Mt Washington, NH.

Still, as we’ve gone here or there, it is true we’d consider what would work and the steps to improve wherever we sat. While becoming owners of the Desert Sage was definitely not a premeditated though, providing a comfortable place for delicious cuisine is something we’ve long thought about. We are looking forward to your company and appreciate your interest in this wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

Have a question? Want to get involved? Please get in touch at [email protected] or [email protected]. We can be reached at 7192145610. We accept donations and will happily repay 110% in delicious meals once open.