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Many Meetings

The interview with Lori was fun and we are honored to be considered interesting enough for such attention.

Next Moses came to talk roofs and glad to say the entire roof is going to get attention in 2022. He recommended replacing the skylights with identically sized ones and then I had a conversation with a friend who swapped skylights for light tubes to simply avoid the leak potential.

Later still I met with Alejandro to discuss adding a second water heater dedicated to kitchen hand & dish washing and the upcoming mat washing & mop station. Per the health department the mop station along with one additional wash sink is on the list of mandatory upgrades to be in place before we’re certified for operation and Carol would prefer two. Add to that 3 more sinks and thus we have the need for another hot water heater dedicated to the kitchen needs. The two water heaters allow for the kitchen washing and cleaning faucets to bypass the whole building filter.

The remaining parking lights are disconnected from power thanks to Abraham, and Nathan and Peter are going to manage their gentle migration somewhere on Nathan’s farm down south. We are looking to make something like this ultimately to bring light and delineation to the parking area, though about 3 feet tall and each topped with something more climate appropriate such as juniper bushes.