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Regarding Opening

At last we have a licensed master plumber who has pulled our commercial plumbing permit, a terrific relief. He came yesterday and identified what is needed to pass. This will likely happen likely in September – October. The addition to the team is huge and a painfully long milestone to reach. The subfloor electric then starts once we are past the subfloor plumbing. Plus we have a new electric panel sitting around, totally bored and waiting for attention! Happily we have a licensed master electrician keen to help get us open.

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Approximately 8000 Pounds

Dan of Mudslinger Masonry out of Saguache added the natural stone cladding to the Temp Cast core. We were all surprised the cardboard would be embedded forever.

Tshering and Ling left the embedded stone which sits just below the oven facing the hot prep area. This stone contains a “seed symbol” that is the essence of a mantra associated with an important 6th C teacher, Guru Padmasambhava. It is pronounced “Hung”. This syllable signifies a power that dispels delusion. What will be first cooked inside?

Here is to us enjoying scrumptious food and drink basking in the warmth of the hearth.

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Forest Green

Moses Troyer of Troyer’s Coating Systems at work waterproofing the roof and the result. Much more economical than anything else, it also is fast and with the scheduled recoat will never need to be replaced. The BTA is moving to copper roofs and the forest green is a nice complement. We bought enough of the product to cover the proposed additions containing the health center and expanded kitchen entrance and are looking forward to starting the build once we get a green light from the association.

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The Kitchen Takes Shape

Neika is here!!!!! We are so happy our friend from totally back in the day is in town to share in the Sage’s makeover and add her marvelosity. Neika brings experience as an Executive Chef along with other superpowers including the ability to facilitate a project or process getting from here to there. She arrived on the evening of March 17 and we presented The Plan to Michael Bertin on March 21 at 2PM. We were back and forth, in and out, marking and moving all weekend. Total fun.

Neika showing maximum focus on The Plan. For the record, the printout is 1/4″ = 1′; notice the ruler.

And so with further ado and no gilding the lilly, check out the kitchen plan!! We had such a great time. In this masterpiece one can find the Chocolate Studio, Bakery, Coffee/Gelato/Soda Fountain, Bench seating in the old office, the to be build central table, stairs to the Mezzanine, Hot Food Prep, Cold Food Prep, Wash Room, Walk In Refrigerator & Freezer, Waldo, Mop Sink, 4 Hand Wash Sinks, a Vegetable Wash Station, Hot and Cold Pickup Locations, 4 Speed Racks, the Masonry Heater, Dry Storage (with the standalone refrigerators), and, at long last, where the Mechanical Room will be.

Inventory is well underway, appliances are being reviewed and given attention, and what is needed being itemized. We may have located a combi oven in Taos. Fingers crossed.