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Just Exactly How Many Drains?

All the floor drains and floor sinks are now installed and ready for business. Now that the weather is agreeable with epoxy temperature guidelines it is time to attach the rebar stubs, mesh and rebar, lay insulation for the walk-in and omg pour concrete!

The heavy duty (and fancy) drain. This one is where traffic is highest and carts will be wheeled. In the distance is the floor sink for the dishwasher and it’s prep sink.
This view is from the bakery looking SE. The insulation is in the chocolate studio and going in the kitchen’s walk-in refrigerator and freezer. You can see how we’ve dug down in preparation for insulation, pex, and concrete. The dirt we took out was put into the trenches.
The main kitchen’s walk-in refrigerator and freezer drains. There is going to be 4 inches of insulation on the floor before the pour.
That’s the floor sink for the bars, triple sink; on the other side of the wall is the west garden room bathroom, which has its own floor drain of course.
Starting from the bottom: bar walk-in drain, ice machine drain, and the bar’s kitchen drain. Need to move the stove, and for that, I bought a bunch of casters that I’ll mount on boards to go under the stove and be a custom dolly.
Looking at the commercial bathrooms. The left is a unisex and on the right is an ADA. To the right of the photo, though not visible, is the urinal room.

3 thoughts on “Just Exactly How Many Drains?

  1. Looking good guys!

    1. Thank you Deb for your attention and encouragement!!

  2. Amazing indeed!
    Beautiful work. (You can probably tell that I used to be in the construction industry 😁)
    Seems like the project will really be turning a corner once the concrete is set! ☮️💜🌈🥂

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