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Look at all the treats from the Alamosa Restore. Plus we were lucky enough to show up on a 50% off day. It looks like a good sized restaurant went out of business; there were 2 more handwash sized sink alas with no faucets not taken. One of the health department reopening requirements were additional hand wash sinks. The light and porcelain sink are for the downstairs apartment which is looking to be completed in April.

We’ve met new people here in Crestone and appreciate the help and advice on navigating what are apparently repeating area patterns.

3 thoughts on “Goodies

  1. Any idea when you will open? Thanks, Carolyn

  2. Great to hear things are progressing, and the apartment is almost ready for a CO?
    Hang in there!
    Best wishes always.

    1. Thank you Greg! Yes, we are definitely doing what we can to make it ready. Whew!!

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