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We are live!!

Tomorrow is an interview with Lori of the Crestone Eagle and then we meet with Moses of Troyers Coating Systems to talk roofs.

It has been a month since the purchase and time is flying.

4 thoughts on “We are live!!

  1. Hello, just finished reading the article in the Eagle. We loved the Sage but are very much looking forward to what you folks are bringing to the community. We have local commercial property we are beginning to develop and we share MANY of your ideas and desires for the community……just for starters: complimenting as opposed to competing and addressing needs such as teaching children the value of gardening, etc……
    Much appreciation for the presence you are bringing to a wonderfully diverse and collectively conscious community!

    1. Thanks for your message Heather and Rocky! We’d love to hear about what you’re up to. Maybe together we can provide impetus for a gathering of local business owners, vendors and developers to find out what most inspires people about what they do and to see how we can fulfill community needs as well. There’s a Crestone Spiritual Alliance; is there a local business alliance? If not, let’s form one!

  2. That’s undoubtedly an idea worth pursuing!

  3. Hey Paul and Mary, if you folks aren’t too busy we would love to meet with you. Please give me a direct email at your convenience and maybe we can set something for the near future.

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