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Under the mezzanine looking NW. This is where the bar stroage room was. The women’s restroom was on the other side of the green and white wall. Through the opening is the 2 Bedroom apartment whose kitchen is fed by these lines.

These days it has been cutting and soldering to get water from the mechanical room south. So far we have made it into where the bakery used to be with a 3/4″ for hot and one for cold as well as the 1/2″ return line for the recirculation loop. All water in copper will be filtered. This feeds the commercial restrooms, both apartments, the bar, the ice machine and clothes washing machine.

Not yet in place is the 3/4″ pex for carrying cold water to the toilets and handwash sinks. The commercial kitchen is going to have its own on demand water heater fed by its own 3/4″ pex whose water will not be filtered. There will be spigots in the different sections of the kitchen with filtered water, as you no doubt guess, serviced by copper pipe.

You can see the 3/4″ main throughfare running left-right. The nearest pipe goes to the upstairs apartment and the lowest to the 2 Bedroom bathroom.