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A Surprising Twist

The plan has been to not work on the commercial restrooms until the kitchen was open for take out business. It is a good plan as the remaining work inside, including but not limited to radiant heat & floors in general, insulating and covering the ceiling, and building out what will be a very nice bar, is no short list of quickies. Yet we have to get out from the foundation walls, the apartment’s toilet needs a vent, the cast iron is in the way anyway, and there already is a convenient hole through thick concrete which equally conveniently leads to readily connectable PVC.

It looks like I forgot to publish this and the above is now pretty old news, which is terrific. In fact, the subfloor plumbing is ready for inspection in the commercial bathrooms. Regarding the rest, only the connection to the 4″ line leading to the 5″ line outside the building and 2 Bedroom kitchen sink remains and then the residential kitchen sink, the bar, and West Garden Room bathroom will have all the subfloor plumbing ready for inspection. I’ll make a post soon with pictures to illustrate the work. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Coming along nicely!

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