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What a Smell

Priming and gluing PVC is most comfortably done in a well ventalated area.

The grease trap entrance is not square with the building. Note the furnco right before the pipe exists the building helping the pipe make the adjustment. One more day of this! The jumble of pipe in the upper left are for the walk in refrigerator and freezer floor drains and ready to be glued.

The last cast iron piece, the 3″ stub cemented to the grease trap, has been exhumed. Following some awkward chipping around the entrance to the grease trap, the new 4″ PVC is in place and positioned.

New cleanouts between the building and grease trap. Very proud to have enlarged the hole to fit the 4″ pipe; a very small area to hold the chipping tool. Ultimately, I used a chisel and hammer for the last impeding concrete bits. The western end of the PVC is capped for the air test. Once passed the cap is cut and a furnco used to join the two pieces.