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Strong Bones

We are moving along. The photos below show the continuing work on the mezzanine. Yesterday materials arrived for the west side of the roof extension which is going to have a lower ceiling than the mezzanine.

These TJIs are to support the stack of OSB seen below them. A commercial floor must be rated to support 100 lbs./sq ft while residential has a 40 lb./sq ft requirement; these TJIs are thus 12″ on center. Polish those dancing shoes and let’s go!!
Another view of the mezzanine floor.
Looking up from the Tiki Bar. Apartment is on the other side of the wall supporting the ladder. The LVL is the floor/ceiling of the residential side, bathrooms and this space. The upper right corner has the last of the mezzanine TJIs.
Looking east at the same wall inside the apartment still supporting the same ladder.

4 thoughts on “Strong Bones

  1. Sweet!!!! Any drawings of the vision?

    1. Yes and soon to be published I am working furiously!!!

  2. This little town truly deserves a fine restaurant like what you envision, and are working towards. Many others have tried and died, but I have a feeling this one is here to stay! I’d love to take my wife and a bunch of friends for the grand opening, so I hope you’ll keep us posted. Many blessings, Spencer Turner

    1. Thank you Spencer for your support and we are looking forward to the grand opening too.

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