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Rejuvenation and Exfoliation

The old doors and their frames formerly dividing the green room and main dining room are being restored and put back together as French doors. We’ll use the other pair most likely in the sauna facility. The white board currently serving as the threshold is temporary; the finished one is going to be installed last to keep it pristine and will be fabricated out of one of the oak boards. For reference, the far corner is the most southwest area of the building.
Notice that the oak used for the frame has been routered out. That was one thick board and surely qualifies as ye olde craftmanship.
Looking east. All the rafters not supporting exterior roof have been removed. The large beams on the south (right) middle side of the image are all coming out, likely to be reused in the sauna. Nearly the entire mezzanine floor can be built without taking functioning roof off. Notice the small stepdown into the garden room; the whole restaurant floor including the aforementioned French doors is being leveled off of the kitchen tile which is likely to end up as the only original once the project is completed.