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Catching Up

Subfloor plumbing is ready for inspection.

Our plumbing inspector serves 6 counties. Yes it is rural. Saguache County, in which the restaurant sits, has the distinction of being the largest Colorado county. We are Wednesdays and one must request an appointment the day before their day by 3 pm.

These 4 photos are of the A la Cart Kitchen (located behind the bar), West Garden Room full bathroom and 2 Bedroom kitchen sink drain. These are all aired up together for the inspection. In the upper left corner of the upper left photo below is the shower drain; this same drain is in the upper right of the upper right photo for bearings.

Below are the commercial bathrooms. The 3” pipe disappearing up is also the vent for the upstairs kitchen sink and toilet. From the top: ADA toilet, urinal, floor drain, sink (not visible), toilet, floor drain, sink.

While we wait for the right Wednesday we’re continuing with plumbing. When the inspection happens it will include as much drain pipe as possible.