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Going Up?

The clock tower is getting attention. The idea is to have stairs from the mezzanine up into the tower. From a yet to be built floor we’ll be able to see for miles.

Rafters still in place. Also notice the plywood in the clock tower which lines the inside.

In the below picture you can maybe make out that there are 2 floors in the clock tower. These no doubt provide torsional strength needed for these winds.

Once the rafters are supported, we’ll take out the LVL & mini wall just above the right side of the scaffolding and have a generous south facing window.

2 thoughts on “Going Up?

  1. Cheers for bringing the southern sky and landscape into the Sages Hearth! SLV views are a renewable resource that feeds the soul. Your awareness and efforts are much appreciated.

    1. Thank you for being enthusiastic too! We continue to be excitedly look forward to our opening.

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