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Catching Up

Subfloor plumbing is ready for inspection.

Our plumbing inspector serves 6 counties. Yes it is rural. Saguache County, in which the restaurant sits, has the distinction of being the largest Colorado county. We are Wednesdays and one must request an appointment the day before their day by 3 pm.

These 4 photos are of the A la Cart Kitchen (located behind the bar), West Garden Room full bathroom and 2 Bedroom kitchen sink drain. These are all aired up together for the inspection. In the upper left corner of the upper left photo below is the shower drain; this same drain is in the upper right of the upper right photo for bearings.

Below are the commercial bathrooms. The 3” pipe disappearing up is also the vent for the upstairs kitchen sink and toilet. From the top: ADA toilet, urinal, floor drain, sink (not visible), toilet, floor drain, sink.

While we wait for the right Wednesday we’re continuing with plumbing. When the inspection happens it will include as much drain pipe as possible.

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A Surprising Twist

The plan has been to not work on the commercial restrooms until the kitchen was open for take out business. It is a good plan as the remaining work inside, including but not limited to radiant heat & floors in general, insulating and covering the ceiling, and building out what will be a very nice bar, is no short list of quickies. Yet we have to get out from the foundation walls, the apartment’s toilet needs a vent, the cast iron is in the way anyway, and there already is a convenient hole through thick concrete which equally conveniently leads to readily connectable PVC.

It looks like I forgot to publish this and the above is now pretty old news, which is terrific. In fact, the subfloor plumbing is ready for inspection in the commercial bathrooms. Regarding the rest, only the connection to the 4″ line leading to the 5″ line outside the building and 2 Bedroom kitchen sink remains and then the residential kitchen sink, the bar, and West Garden Room bathroom will have all the subfloor plumbing ready for inspection. I’ll make a post soon with pictures to illustrate the work. Thank you for reading!

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Bedded Down

Regarding the What is everything? In the below photo, starting closest,

  1. vegetable wash sink in cold prep (main trunk)
  2. floor drain in cold prep (main trunk)
  3. floor sink for dishwasher and cold prep / entrance hand washing sink (first branch left)
  4. sink for hot prep area (main trunk)
  5. floor sink for triple sink (second branch left)
  6. hand washing sink for hot prep (branch to right)
  7. hand washing sink in bakery (main trunk)
  8. floor drain in bakery (main trunk)
  9. hand washing sink in chocolate studio (main trunk)

Going west, towards the grease trap, the branch to the right is into the mechanical room which has a mop sink and floor drain. Then are floor drains for the walk in refrigerator and freezer, left and right respectively. Outside are cleanouts and then the grease trap itself.

The system holds air and pitches look good which is for sure excellent and next up is the inspection.

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What a Smell

Priming and gluing PVC is most comfortably done in a well ventalated area.

The grease trap entrance is not square with the building. Note the furnco right before the pipe exists the building helping the pipe make the adjustment. One more day of this! The jumble of pipe in the upper left are for the walk in refrigerator and freezer floor drains and ready to be glued.

The last cast iron piece, the 3″ stub cemented to the grease trap, has been exhumed. Following some awkward chipping around the entrance to the grease trap, the new 4″ PVC is in place and positioned.

New cleanouts between the building and grease trap. Very proud to have enlarged the hole to fit the 4″ pipe; a very small area to hold the chipping tool. Ultimately, I used a chisel and hammer for the last impeding concrete bits. The western end of the PVC is capped for the air test. Once passed the cap is cut and a furnco used to join the two pieces.
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Digging Deep

Trenches are dug for the kitchen, mechanical room and where the join to the existing 3” cast iron takes place, the same cast iron which leads to the also existing grease trap. Long term we see a methane digester replacing the grease trap and giving back fuel for heat and hot water. Ovens maybe too.

Next week is picking up PVC and putting it all together. Then a small amount of framing and remaining mechanical. We are not so far from a fully operational kitchen folks.

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3 1/2 Days Later

Compared to that roadway saw the jackhammer was indeed a relief. Got a lot done and the tool is back at the rental shop.

This is needed because the building has one working floor drain – some of the 40 year old cast iron is rusted through; we are adding functionality requiring drains & electricity in new locations; and the walk-in fridge/freezer floor needs to be insulated.

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Glad That Is Over

The time to replace building sewer has come; most of the floor sinks & floor drains don’t actually drain. I had never used a roadway walk behind saw before. Hopefully never again! The sonic force is nuts. Payment is by day plus millimeter of blade use. Thankfully the cuts were do-able in a day, and as no one wrote down the blade diameter there was no extra charge for any excessive use which may or may not have actually taken place. As far as I am concerned this tool can stay at the rental shop henceforth. The bathrooms are luckily too small for such a saw. The rental place has a handheld model which can’t be set down while running. Bent over indoors holding a gas motor spinning a disk which can cut through seemingly anything? At the moment I choose the tranquility of a jack hammer.

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Prefer Clean?

The Sage came with several top-quality appliances. One of them is the Rancilio MD80 Coffee Grinder. This grinder can pump out 7 lbs. of coffee per hour! It took longer than that to clean it let me tell you. Thankfully I found a video showing the process. It is anybody’s guess how old the scraped off goop truly was.

It is exciting making the equipment pristine once again. This grinder is the first appliance to be made shiny and not the least filthy of the bunch by far.

Like having food and drink prepared with clean equipment? We are working hard to make it happen. Please consider donating to support the re-invention of the Sage so progress doesn’t stop.

The finished product. I used the vodka in the upper right of the image to help detach the crud; also notice some of the tools needed for the operation to the left of the unit.
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Under the mezzanine looking NW. This is where the bar stroage room was. The women’s restroom was on the other side of the green and white wall. Through the opening is the 2 Bedroom apartment whose kitchen is fed by these lines.

These days it has been cutting and soldering to get water from the mechanical room south. So far we have made it into where the bakery used to be with a 3/4″ for hot and one for cold as well as the 1/2″ return line for the recirculation loop. All water in copper will be filtered. This feeds the commercial restrooms, both apartments, the bar, the ice machine and clothes washing machine.

Not yet in place is the 3/4″ pex for carrying cold water to the toilets and handwash sinks. The commercial kitchen is going to have its own on demand water heater fed by its own 3/4″ pex whose water will not be filtered. There will be spigots in the different sections of the kitchen with filtered water, as you no doubt guess, serviced by copper pipe.

You can see the 3/4″ main throughfare running left-right. The nearest pipe goes to the upstairs apartment and the lowest to the 2 Bedroom bathroom.