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Last of the Subfloor?

That is surely the end of all the trench work!

In the right photo with the main building in the background you can see a black chimney and a silver one. The former is for the 70-gallon water heater and the latter for the masonry heater.

The above photos are of the old office, formerly a hair salon. The building was carried from somewhere in the Baca and, as I can attest, placed on the foundation which is all that is left. Not connected by any foundation bolts and no treated wood either.

The plan is to concrete the floor, add a roof, enclose the restroom and make a mosquito netting wrapped outdoor pavilion. Folks can pick up their order at the kitchen door and enjoy their meal in the covered outdoor seating area.

2 thoughts on “Last of the Subfloor?

  1. Any idea when you will open? This year?

    1. We hope to be open this year! The delays are due to limited resources.

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